A look at the Cubs’ 2016 Memorial Day uniforms

I’ve always had an interest in baseball uniforms, so I wanted to say a few words about this year’s Memorial Day uniform that the Cubs will be wearing in their game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

You can view the jersey by clicking here and the cap by clicking here.

I think these are better than last year’s. (Click here to see jerseys and click here to see cap.) Last year, I felt like the camouflage bill was barely noticeable, yet looked awkward next to the rest of the Cubs’ cap. I also felt like the camouflage “Cubs” inside the blue circle just didn’t look right.

This year, instead of doing it “halfway”, they went all the way with a full camouflage cap while changing the colors of the rest of the jersey to better match the camouflage sections. It just seems to come together a lot better this year.

If I have one minor complaint about the cap, it’s that the “C” doesn’t stand out well, but otherwise I think it’s a good look. I think my favorite cap of recent years was the 2014 version, in which they managed to add just enough blue and red to make it distinctive.

In any case, though the league does the uniforms better in some years than in others, I think it’s great that they look to honor the military in this way each year.


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